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Parental Disclaimer !!

*Learning new thing everyday* quote of the day courtesy Google home assistance !so true !! Atlest to me, mother of 2 boys growing up with girl siblings!. Whether the new things or knowledge subdue my grey cells or bounce back as bomarung is completely irrelevant . Day to day challenges are brainstorming for poor laid back dreamers like me .It just tilt your axial and gives you a reality check, like Hey woman get a grip world is moving on!! It was a face off ( to me ) which I dreaded for, after a long time between Mumma and big S as we were trying to spend some quality time together. Big S my big boy with few words and obsessive with anything with 4 wheels.

Big S”Mamma do you know Dodge challenger STR a car which can go @of 2.1sec/0-60 miles? It was banned in USA .”Me “really!”

“Do you know Nissan GTR well almost same as skyline range & have same speed as

Skyline but the latter was ban in USA ?.

Me “Hmmm interesting fact why did they banned it?” Big S” I think it was a more of a drifter car ”

These went on for a while …… till I proved myself not only novice but lack of simple common sense on Steering and engines too.

It isn’t amazing, to learn new things always when they are told in Hebrew!! It just makes you feel incompetent that you don’t know the language it’s makes you try to grasp some words from here and there to keep this discussion rolling on…. as this time is

Precious and it will go away fast.